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we are currently working on a brand new website, which will be launched in February 2017, until then please contact us on our email adress or for relevant information about our services. Contemporary website is outdated Thank you for understanding Team Arleta

Balloon sky

We would like to inform you that for the technical reasons, we are not planning to have "Balloon sky" this year.
The next one is planned for June 2017. The direct date will be confirmed soon.
Thank you for your understanding.


We would like to inform you that from the 1st of October 2015 we offer 3rd cycle for free in case of no pregnancy from the first and second cycle.


For those who need an egg donation we've launched an online database of our active donors recently. The purpose of such a concept is you could consider a suitable donor comfortably while you are at home: LIST OF DONORS


– increase of the implantation chance by 20 %
We took part in an international conference ESHRE in London.


Let me inform you please, about changes in our packages from the 1st August 2013.
We have strongly proved in our practice two new methods, which bring substantially better results:


We have prepared for you a possibility to use the service of our contractor – the company Prague Beauty, which will provide transport from Prague to our clinic and back...


Test for the evaluation of genetic risk of developing thrombophilia...


Frequently asked questions

What is the age limit for this treatment?

  • Women up to the age of 48 years

Who donated the embryos?

There are two possibilities:
  • Approximately 90 % cases are oocytes given by donors and sperm given by donor as well. They were united and frozen.
  • 10 % of cases are then embryos of clients who underwent a treatment, already have a child, and are not going to use their remaining embryos, or store them. Then they decided to undergo a genetic examination and if they met all the criteria for donation, their embryos may be released for further donation.

How many embryos can we get?

  • We can guarantee two quality embryos for the cryo transfer in each cycle, while the number of unfrozen pronuclei is usually higher.

Who long will it take?

  • In the long term we can guarantee one month from filing the application.

How successful is the treatment for embryo transfer of donated embryos?

  • We achieve approximately 40% successfulness of clinical pregnancy for transfer. The successfulness in no case depends on the age of the donee.