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We would like to inform you that for the technical reasons, we are not planning to have "Balloon sky" this year.
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We would like to inform you that from the 1st of October 2015 we offer 3rd cycle for free in case of no pregnancy from the first and second cycle.


For those who need an egg donation we've launched an online database of our active donors recently. The purpose of such a concept is you could consider a suitable donor comfortably while you are at home: LIST OF DONORS


– increase of the implantation chance by 20 %
We took part in an international conference ESHRE in London.


Let me inform you please, about changes in our packages from the 1st August 2013.
We have strongly proved in our practice two new methods, which bring substantially better results:


We have prepared for you a possibility to use the service of our contractor – the company Prague Beauty, which will provide transport from Prague to our clinic and back...


Test for the evaluation of genetic risk of developing thrombophilia...



Test for the evaluation of genetic risk of developing thrombophilia

A predisposition to congenitally increased blood coagulation (thrombophilia) is quite significantly widespread in the population. People with this predisposition have a higher probability of development of thromboembolism (thromboembolic illness) when blood clots (thrombus) are created on the walls of vessels. A blood clot can become detached and migrate through the vessels where it can restrict or completely block the passing of blood. It is a very dangerous condition during which perfusion of vital organs can be limited or even obstructed. It results in serious damage (heart attack, cerebral strokes…) which leads in some cases to the death of the affected person. Congenital thrombophilia predisposition is indicated as a thrombophilic mutation, the most serious ones are called Leiden and prothrombin mutations. About 12% of the population is burdened with these mutations without knowing it. Women using common hormonal contraception are at a higher risk of developing these mutation manifestations.

What is an A-TEST?

A -TEST is a risky genetic thrombophilic mutations (Leiden, prothrombin) test during hormonal contraception administration. With the help of a special soft brush from the test set a client will take a sample by wiping the inner side of the buccal cavity. The taking is easy and painless. The samples are sent by post and the client will receive a result either on a safe internet portal as an electronically signed document or by post. The result of the test is an evaluation whether they are healthy from the genetic point of view or whether there is an increased risk of thrombophilia developing.

Who is at risk of developing thrombophilia? Who is the DNA test mainly aimed at?

The test is aimed mostly at women who either take or are going to take common hormonal contraception. Common hormonal contraception administration stimulates the blood coagulation process. However, it is also aimed at other people in those personally or in their blood relations the following medical disorders appear: varicose veins and repeated inflammatory illnesses of veins, deep vein thrombosis, cerebral palsy, pulmonary embolism and problems in pregnancy in women (for example damage to placenta, death of the foetus, repeated miscarriages without apparent causes). Also overweight persons, people using hormonal substitution treatment for a long period, smokers or people who often travel far and due to this fact are limited in moving (sitting in a car, on a plane etc.) should pay increased attention of possible findings that there will be a risk of thrombophilia developing.

Profile of the company

GENERI BIOTECH is a Czech biotechnological company. It is aimed at molecular genetic diagnostics in medicine, biotechnological components production for molecular biology and research and development in molecular biology and nanotechnology fields. Besides the thrombophilic mutation testing with the help of A-TEST, they also provide DNA paternity testing – both anonymous (P-TEST) and expertise report. GENERI BIOTECH utilizes top medical and scientific human potential. It uses quality diagnostic technology meeting the high standards of contemporary medical knowledge. The company is certified for quality control norms ISO 9001, of British accreditation UKAS – Bureau Veritas Certification and it is liable to regular annual audits.

Datum: 26.3.2011