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We would like to inform you that for the technical reasons, we are not planning to have "Balloon sky" this year.
The next one is planned for June 2017. The direct date will be confirmed soon.
Thank you for your understanding.


We would like to inform you that from the 1st of October 2015 we offer 3rd cycle for free in case of no pregnancy from the first and second cycle.


For those who need an egg donation we've launched an online database of our active donors recently. The purpose of such a concept is you could consider a suitable donor comfortably while you are at home: LIST OF DONORS


– increase of the implantation chance by 20 %
We took part in an international conference ESHRE in London.


Let me inform you please, about changes in our packages from the 1st August 2013.
We have strongly proved in our practice two new methods, which bring substantially better results:


We have prepared for you a possibility to use the service of our contractor – the company Prague Beauty, which will provide transport from Prague to our clinic and back...


Test for the evaluation of genetic risk of developing thrombophilia...

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ARLETA IVF is a non-governmental health facility, which offers services in the area of infertility including methods of assisted reproduction and services in the field of care of the pregnant woman and development of the embryo. We belong among small centres with a highly qualified team of specialists prepared to do their best for you to have a healthy child. What else can bring you happiness...

What we do...

We help infertile partners not only to become pregnant, but also maintain the pregnancy, and mainly give birth to a healthy child.

Is it just our clinic of reproductive medicine that will help you?

Our clinic of reproductive medicine belongs among centres, where the assisted reproduction is the main program. We put emphasis on individual approach to each couple, who needs artificial insemination. The principle of our approach is to ascertain the cause as the first thing and then support fertility of men and women before the assisted reproduction techniques are used. We usually proceed from the simplest to the most complicated procedures - from natural to artificial. However, if we ascertain a serious fertility disorder, our clinic omits the simple methods and approaches directly IVF. Thus, we try to reduce your stress from repeatedly unsuccessful inseminations and we directly offer artificial insemination.

Assisted reproduction = only infertility treatment?

For already 30 years the assisted reproduction offers help to couples who are not able to have a child in a natural way, and the couple, who undergoes the treatment, agrees with the doctor to carry out artificial insemination. We are able to help not only when the fallopian tubes, which are necessary for capturing, transportation, and fertilization of an ovum of the woman, are missing, but also when there are no sperms in the ejaculate of the man. This is the case, when assisted reproduction is irreplaceable. Our company ARLETA IVF s.r.o. offers the reproductive medicine in form of a wide variety of methods of in vitro fertilization (test tube baby). You will be informed on all conditions for provision of this treatment. Recently, we increase the number of IVF cycles for pairs with a genetic disorder in family and repeated miscarriages, when the assisted reproduction is able to prepare conditions for examination of the embryo before implantation – this method is called the pre-implantation genetic diagnostics.

Is artificial fertilization only the IVF method?

In the past, before 1978 (birth of Luisa Brown in England – the first test tube baby), the artificial insemination was interpreted as implementation of fresh own or donated sperm in the cervix or in the uterine cavity. The fact that assisted reproduction carried out applying the in vitro fertilisation method (IVF) allows to create conditions almost identical with the environment of a fallopian tube led to a rapid development of assisted reproduction methods not only for the cases of inability to conceive a child (sterility), but also for inability to carry a baby to the term (infertility). Currently, the process of development of the method of artificial fertilization, such as IVF, proceeds very quickly and even we have to learn daily what is new in the reproductive medicine branch so that we are more and more successful. Likewise, our workers participate in the human reproduction research so that we move the limits of our knowledge of this fantastic process, which we call the birth of life.